Top Cochlear Implant Surgeon in Chembur : Dr. Meenesh Juvekar

Top Cochlear Implant Surgeon in Chembur : Dr. Meenesh Juvekar

Dr. Meenesh Juvekar, a distinguished ENT specialist and Cochlear Implant Surgeon at Juvekar Nursing Home in Chembur, Mumbai, is recognized as the top Cochlear Implant Surgeon in the region. With extensive experience and a gold medal in ENT, Dr. Juvekar offers comprehensive cochlear implant treatment, surgery, and consultation services. Patients benefit from his expertise in restoring hearing for children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss, ensuring optimal outcomes and post-operative care. Dr. Meenesh Juvekar’s commitment to excellence and compassionate patient care solidifies his reputation as the premier Cochlear Implant Surgeon in Chembur, making him a trusted choice for those seeking top-tier auditory healthcare services.


Shivsagar CHS, 17/18, Shivapuri Rd, near Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Swastik Park, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071

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