For sale is a Huge profit! Dropship

For sale is a Huge profit! Dropship

Private label chemical Telemarketing business for sale.
We hold no product! You can do this any were as long as you have a phone and a computer. We sell to municipalitys, city’s, county’s, government, highway depts, Fire depts, Road depts, Parks and Rec, Streets, Fleet depts, Schools, Hospitals Nursing homes, Car Dealerships, Prisons ect. It is endless who you can sell to.

We sell: Ice melt, Weed killers, Bug sprays, Disenfectants, Fire fighting foam, cleaner, Graffiti remover, The Manufactures carry approx 4000 products, The average order is a 20 gallon container but we go in at a 55 gallon but I am just doing averages for example:

We pay 7 to 9 .00 dollars per gallon Depending on the product, There are products for 2 and 3 dollars a gallon but again I went with average for example. We sell everything for 69.95 per gallon so Example:

You have one person on the phone they sell the lowest they only do one sale a day, The average order is a 20 gallon which cost approx 140.00 We charge 1399.00 that is a HUGE Profit of 1259.00 per order x 5 days per week that is approx 6300 per week pure Profit, Two people on the phone aprox 13,000 per week, All up front payments,The more sales the more Money .

Call now for details: 754-244-5120


Quebec City, Quebec

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