Adopt A Goldendoodle From San Diego Goldendoodle: Quality & Assurance

Adopt A Goldendoodle From San Diego Goldendoodle: Quality & Assurance

Discover Your Perfect Goldendoodle Companion
Looking for a healthy and genetically sound Goldendoodle puppy from a reputable breeder? San Diego Goldendoodle is your ideal choice. We are dedicated to ensuring each puppy is nurtured to be a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted addition to your family.

Our Pricing:
Phantom: $2500
Tri-colored: $2500
Solid Black: $2500
Parti: $2500
Merle: $2500
Red | Red/White: $2700 – $3500

What’s Included with Every Puppy:

30 Days of Free Puppy Health Insurance – Activation required.
1-Year Genetic Health Guarantee – Ensures a healthy start.
Microchipping – For security and peace of mind.
Vaccinations & Deworming – Comprehensive early health care.
Pumpkin & Transition Probiotics – Eases the shift to a new diet.
Crate and Grass Training – Builds a strong foundation for house training.
Puppy Survival Kit:
Custom doggie carrier.
Toy with Mom and siblings’ scent for comfort.
Initial supply of puppy food.
Collar & new lead.
Folder with essential information (vaccine records, microchip details, health guarantee, etc.).
Ongoing Help and Support – Continuous assistance for your new puppy’s needs.

Why Choose San Diego Goldendoodle?

We ensure each Goldendoodle puppy is raised with love, care, and the highest breeding standards. Choosing a puppy from us means bringing home a joyful, healthy, and loyal companion who will be a cherished part of your family for many years.

Contact us now to find your perfect Goldendoodle and experience the excellence of San Diego Goldendoodle!


Valetta Lane 2515, 91901 Alpine , California United States

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